Every day or week or so, i'm going to list my thoughts of each bird, starting today.

Red Bird

I think he's a good main character, but personally, he's just too weak. He's good at "pig popping", but that's the only good thing that I can say about him. Red is probably my 8th favorite bird.

Blue Bird

I like the Blue Bird's ability to split into three, and they cause a good deal of damage against ice. However, they have absolutely no damage against stone and can only weaken wood. This kinda annoys me, so the Blues would be my 7th favorite bird actually.

Yellow Bird

The Yellow Bird has a pretty neat ability to speed up. It destroys wood really good, but using it against glass is a "not so great" idea. It can only shatter one or two peices of glass, so Chuck is probablly my 2nd favorite bird.

Black Bird

The Black Bird can destroy more than a decent amount of bricks. However, he's not my favorite because he destroys pretty much the whole level and makes everything so easy, and I like a challange. So Bomb is my 3rd favorite bird. 

White Bird

The White Bird can lay egg bombs. Sure, that's great. But the eggs do very little damage, and White Bird itself cannot destroy a stone block without using it's egg power. This dissapoints me, for such a big bird. So White Bird is my 6th favorite bird.

Boomerang Bird

The Boomerang Bird is my 1st favorite bird. I like it's Boomerang ability, and it can destroy wood and glass easily. The only downside is that it can't destroy any stone. But yet, Al's my favorite bird. I really hate the new design though.

Big Brother Bird

This wrecking ball is the best thing to use if pigs stole your eggs. It's gonna knock anything down, glass, wood, stone, anything.  This guy would be my 4rth favorite bird.

Orange Bird

He does a decent damage, but he can't seem to be able to land on something without bouncing off. Also, when it balloons up on something blocks don't go flying in the air like I would expect it to. So Bubbles is my 5th favorite.

Pink Bird

Everything I can say is, terrible, terrible, terrible. The pink bird can't even kill a pig in direct hit, and it's bubbles can't pick up things like stone very well. So sorry Stella, but you're my least favorite bird.

Ice Bird

The bird is great at weakening structures, but Ice Bird will only break one block before freezing, so why couldn't it be more like the Bomb Bird, destroying a decent amount of bricks before triggering it's ability? Ice Bird is most likely my 7th favorite bird in the Space Flock.

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