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This is temporary for now. I changed the "games" section of the top navigation to "media". This clears Animation, Merchandise, etc. rather than just games. This is what I used:

    • Mobile***Angry Birds***Angry Birds Seasons***Angry Birds Rio***Angry Birds Space***Angry Birds Star Wars***Angry Birds Star Wars II***Angry Birds Go!***Angry Birds Epic***Angry Birds Transformers**Spinoffs***Angry Birds Stella***Bad Piggies***Angry Birds Trilogy**Online***Angry Birds Friends***Angry Birds Heikki***Angry Birds Chrome***Angry Birds Volcano***Angry Birds Magic***Angry Birds in The Hunt For The Golden Pistachio***Angry Birds Vuela Tazos***Angry Birds Winter Wonderland***Angry Birds Fuji TV***Angry Birds Cheetos***Angry Birds Breakfast**Animation***Angry Birds Toons***Piggy Tales***Stella Toons***Angry Birds Movie**Merchandise***Plush Toys***Angry Birds Mashems***Telepods***Category:Board Games***Category:BooksIf you don't prefer this, it will be restored, I just want to hear feedback.

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