I finally decided to to some tv show reviews on episodes on some tv shows. I only watch the cartoons on fox, so basicly only those may appear but I can review other stuff if you want.

Family Guy

One of my favorite tv shows, i'll review some of the episodes.

Life of Brian

WARNING: HEAVY SPOILERS If you haven't watched Family Guy, Brian was the dog, he was in the show for 12 seasons. But in the latest 12th season episode, he gets run over by a car, and can't be fixed. They say their last words, and then he dies. Stewie, the baby, tries to bring him back but can't, and they get a new dog called Vinny, which Stewie ends up befriending. It was really, really sad to see the character die, and I wanted to put my opinion here. I didn't want any of them to die, as I watched all 12 seasons and kind of got hooked to the characters. That's my first review, stay tuned for more.

If you want to watch the episode, you can it's on fox's family guy website next week but caution, there is strong lanugage and it's recommended for over the age of 14.

Christmas Guy

I really didn't care about the main plot at all. In the episode "Life of Brian", Stewie once went ahead of time to get a christmas present early. Present Stewie and Vinny came across that Stewie, and Stewie (present) asks Vinny to steal the time machine, which he does. He realizes that if Stewie saves Brian, they'll never meet Vinny. That part was really, really emotional even though Vinny was only a 2 episode character. I don't know, it was still kind of really sad. At least he didn't die though. When Stewie goes back in time, he sees Brian just before the car swerves to the point that he was just about to die, but Stewie knocks him over just in time. I'm really glad Brian's back, and i'm going to miss Vinny. However, he was in the theme song so he may return once more.

Anyways, leave a suggestion below if you want me to review any movie/tv show.

Angry Birds Toons

Slumber Mill

First one I watched that I actually enjoyed. There was a problem, and a really good soulution. Maybe this show is actually going to be better.

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