As a admin, I have seen way too many spam threads and comments. Due to that, I have made a list of rules to follow on threads:

  • Threads have to be able to answer. They are not for guessing or for fanon.
  • Threads and their comments can't be in all caps. Neither should the title be in all caps.
  • The comments should not be about what you have. For example, this is what I mean: RandomUser1234567890 Wrote: I have terrence telepod, blue bird plush toy and almost every game! 
  • The comments should be able to understand. For example, acting like a character from angry birds is unacceptable: Minionpiggy12345 Wrote: I really wantz telepod for King Pig! King Pig: Me hungrhy! Bad grammer use or inproper spelling also counts as hard to understand.
  • If a thread was made from the range of a month to a year ago, please do not keep adding to it if nobody is doing anything with it. Instead, please close the thread.
  • A Meaningful Title and Thread is needed. Ex: Do not do this: Title: Ohmigosh Summary: I really like the fact that the Blues have same ability as before.

So please, do not make useless threads. Threads that don't go with the rules should either be closed or deleted.

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