I have several announcements. I am glad to see the Angry Birds Star Wars II page well neat and organized, so i'm going to keep it unlocked as long as it's not vandaled. This also goes for the Star Wars Characters page, but please know that once I see vandals on either page, that page will be locked if it's done constantly and nobody resolves to fix it. Third of all, since Redbird25 is not here, we can't really get images in png. format. If anybody knows how to do this, please speak up, only if you're willing to take in mulitiple requests for png. images. Also, many have been asking for adminship or becoming a staff member to our burecraut, Qaz. Please know he has been inactive for a while. Also, adminship is given, and isn't asked for. If you would like to see the requirements to become a staff member, please click here.

Thank you in return,

Slingshot Proffesional, The Angry Birds Eggspert, The Boomerang

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