I seriously hate vandals that go around the wiki. They are seemingly so annoying to me, and I have to fix them all, say stop, and they just do it again.

First of all, some people just put random captions on toons episodes saying a bunch of crazy and funky things to get people to laugh. The captions are not official and do not help the wiki.

Second of all, people don't even listen, for example, my idea for a Bird Mascot. They shout out random votes that will never go anywhere because they just don't listen.

Third of all, underage. It bothers me so much in a way I pictue those kids vandaling and at the same time don't even know what they're doing.

Fourth of all, just plain fanon. This drives me crazy and makes me go raging. Some people just do things over and over again until they get blocked, and then when they're back on the wiki just keep doing their routine.

I seriously hate all vandals. They annoy me so much, they take away my fun on the wiki. Which is why, I might leave.

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