As probably none of you know, i'm a huge geek about Video Games. I just thought up of something, to write (or type, probably) some reviews for video games. Also, i'm a huge fan of the Walking Dead, especialy the video game. In fact, the ending of season 1 in the video game was extremely sad, if you were to play the entire game. I also have many theories how the game will turn out, since Season 2 of the game is coming out. If you don't know what it is, I highly suggest it's for mature content, so younger wikia contributers, around 13, to 15 or somewhat, I suggest you shouldn't read or watch this. I just want suggestions, such as what I should review, or basicly that. :) So place some suggestions, and maybe later in the day i'll post or Sunday.

What do you want to see me review? Comment Below.

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