There should be a wiki mascot.

Now, just don't start writing down ideas and things like that. This is just an idea.

Every Month, there should be a new character as the wiki mascot. Instead of Red Bird next to all the things in the front page, it should be the wiki mascot. I also think that it's corpse sprite should appear on the template for Canidates for Deletion. 

It should be something the entire wiki should vote on, and then the top 4 birds/pigs chosen for the job will be determined by the staff by chosing one and writing a reasonable answer.

The Birds and Pigs will Count As:

Red, The Blues (all 3 of them), Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Hal, Terrence, Bubbles and Stella.

Minion Pig, Corporal Pig, Moustache Pig, King Pig, Mechanic Pig, Freckeld Pig, and Fat Pig.

Proffeser Pig, Chef Pig, and Chronicler Pig should not be included just yet, maybe in the future, but for now they have no sprites, and rarely any "good quality" pictures, so that should be held until they appear in the game or something.

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