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    January 18, 2014 by The Official Editor

    Hey everyone! So, I'm pretty mad right now at Wikia, as you all know. If you didn't know, well, YOU MADE IT RIGHT IN TIME! So, a few days ago, on a wiki named Bandipedia (a Crash Bandicoot wiki), I typed a wrong key and my age read 11, even though my real age is 21. So, this admin named BaronZylo banned me for 2 years. Then, on the same account (AngryBirdFan1), I went on this wiki, and on my page I made a blog post there and today I got an e-mail saying that the same admin that banned me decided to un-ban me and apoligized for the mistake. Then, I went to log in to my account. Guess what? WIKIA DISABLED IT. I am so angry. When I found out this happened, I got so mad, I punched my wall. Yes, that is how I deal with problems sometimes. So, now t…

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