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    Angry Birds Epic is a game released in 2014. It is a strategy game based in the battles between the birds and the pigs. Here are some tricks, tips and strategies about this game.


    Required Birds: Red Samurai, Matilda Druid, Bomb Captain

    Required Items: Golden Pistol, Golden Bullet

    Required Level: Level 16+

    Go in a level with ninjas in Bamboo Forest. Kill all ninjas except for one. Bomb must have Golden Pistol and Golden Bullet. Make the one-turn shield with Red and heal with Matilda. Then, attack to the ninja with Bomb. The ninja will dodge the attack but there is a chance to take 4+ snoutlings. Continue and when you get bored, kill the ninja with Red and Matilda.

    Required Birds: Red Guardian, Chuck Lightning Bird, Bomb Canoneer

    Required Items: Goldeā€¦

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