Angry Birds Epic: Tricks

Angry Birds Epic is a game released in 2014. It is a strategy game based in the battles between the birds and the pigs. Here are some tricks, tips and strategies about this game.


1. Snoutling Catching Tricks

Trick 1: From Ninja Pigs

Required Birds: Red Samurai, Matilda Druid, Bomb Captain

Required Items: Golden Pistol, Golden Bullet

Required Level: Level 16+

Go in a level with ninjas in Bamboo Forest. Kill all ninjas except for one. Bomb must have Golden Pistol and Golden Bullet. Make the one-turn shield with Red and heal with Matilda. Then, attack to the ninja with Bomb. The ninja will dodge the attack but there is a chance to take 4+ snoutlings. Continue and when you get bored, kill the ninja with Red and Matilda.

Trick 2: From Ironclad (Knight) Pigs

Required Birds: Red Guardian, Chuck Lightning Bird, Bomb Canoneer

Required Items: Golden Pistol, Golden Bullet

Required Level: Any

Go in a level with a pig with an Ironclad ability. Kill all other pigs except for him. Then, make a shield with Red and make Red attack with Chain Lightning. Then, attack with Bomb. The pig with the Ironclad ability will ironclad you hit but there is a chance to get snoutlings again!

2.     Strategy for killing pigs easily

Required Birds: Matilda Bard, Chuck Wizard and Blues Rogues

Required Items: Chemise, Doom

Required Level: Any

Give Matilda the Energise with Chuck. Then attack with Matilda and give Cupcake Trap to Matilda. The piggy that Matilda attacked must be stunned. When the other piggies attack and someone gets stunned, all stunned pigs will take 200% damage!

3. Floating Glory Arena Battles

Here are some Arena Strategies & Tips:

Keep your life always up

Required Birds: Matilda and/or Chuck Rainbird and/or Blues Spies

Required Items: Good healing items

Required Level: A good level to heal a lot

In Arena Battles, other players start to kill birds (Maybe you too). You must have good healing items and of course, Matilda (Or Chuck in Rainbird class).Keep your life always up to get a good score and three stars!

Attack the opponent’s birds

Required Birds: Strong birds attacking one target like Bomb and Blues.

Required Items: Strong Items to deal a lot of damage.

Required Level: Any level strong enough.

First of all, attack to the bird with the lowest health. If this bird is beaten, hit the bird with the second lowest health. If this bird id beaten too, attack to the banner. When the beaten birds' revive, beat them again. Replay this and you will lose or win.

More Arena Tips and Tricks coming soon!

4-Attack Rule

Trick 1

Required Birds: Chuck, Bomb Canonner, Blues Marksmen

Required Items: Chronos, Chronometer

Required Level: Any level strong enough.

WARNING: This trick can be performed better in a golden clouds level.

Attack normaly with Chuck (Only Chuck). Then, give the counter and the Ambush to the bird with the highest health (Only in Golden Clouds). There is a 10% chance that Chuck will re-attack (1+1=2 attacks) and the bird with the highest health will attack (2+1=3 attacks) and the Blues will attack themselves (3+1=4 attacks)!

More Tips and Tricks coming soon!

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