On September 27, 2012, the Bad Piggies game was released. It now has received it's first update: Flight in the Night! So in the update, you get to still play as the Freckled Pig and King Pig. You also need to know that at the time, it is only available fo the IOS with all of the other platforms coming soon. In the episode, you also get to put one of the Eggs in your car. There will be 30 levels coming soon probably because Rovio has so much work to do. If you count the bonus levels, then, yeah you have a total of 15 levels.

Other stuff

The birds make cameos throughout the levels (e.g. Red, Yellow Bird, Bomb.). They appear sleeping. There are also 2 new Sandbox levels. One has to be payed for. It is called "Field of Dreams" and is $3.00. It includes all of the regular parts EXCEPT the new ropes. In total, there are a whopping 300 parts in total. It also includes other new parts like V8 engines, wings, rockets, and more. There are also new skulls hidden in the 15 levels. Thats about it!

For more information........


[http://] [http://]


Buying "Field of Dreams".

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