Hey guys! Whats up? I just wanted to say that i'm gonna make my own............................ANIMATED SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))) Below I will explain the main characters.


Bat: A 24 year old Vampire Bat. His best freind is Ghost. His arch-enemy is an evil pumpkin. He has two pet pumkin part robot dogs.

Ghost: A 24 year old Ghost. He loves everybody thats nice to him. As long as there nice to him.

Ro-kin: He's Bat and Ghost's pet robot and pumpkin hybrid dog. His wife is Ro-kinena.

Ro-kinena: She is Ro-kin's wife. She is also Bat and Ghost's pet dog. Like Ro-kin, she is part pumpkin-robot hybrid.

Big-Green: A 305 year old Sprite bottle. He can fix anything anybody breaks.

Witcher: He is a pudgy green fat witch who acts spoiled and bratty.

Jayer: He is a bird shaped pumpkin guy. He looks kind of like Mordecai from Regular Show.

Pumpkin: An antagonist in the pilot. He becomes a good dude in the series. Although he acts bratty and spoiled and hangs out with Witcher, he still has good seeds.

I will make more main characters soon. Check it out soon! ;)

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