Ok I know everyone's angry (lol this is angry birds wiki) about the fandom things and fakes. Since I can't delete the pages, I've deleted the content of all the deletion candidates. But here are a few things:

Jewel and Angry Birds Valentines Day

Well these 2 redirect to other pages. There's no reason to screw it, there's nothing there anyway.

The Themes 12-2 and 14-15

These are real. There's no reason to temporarily delete them, besides there was nothing on them.


I wonder how this was made without a page. Nevermind, i'm temporarily deleting it anyway.

Old wikipedia

Okay, wasn't this supposed to be Old Wiki? Oh well, I doubt it's related to the series.

The Subcategories

Okay the Ordinary Pig subcategory has been temporarily deleted, as well as screwing the category tag from the pages that were there.

The Images

Well, there isn't much I can do about that. Also, excluding the Orange Bird and AB Extinction images, I don't see why you want to delete them. However There's a way to get rid of the orange bird and ABE. We'll need 2 images not posted yet. then we can replace the 2 pictures with the official ones.

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