A user with the IP adress has recently vandalized our pages. All the vandalism was reverted.

Theme 5-21

This guy started out by adding the deletion tag to the page. He wrote that it "needs to be in ssb" in which ssb means Super Smash Bros, which means he is an SSB fan. However, SSB is from Nintendo, Angry Birds is from Rovio. AB has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with SSB.


SSB Vandal starts all over again... Anyway, he vandalized the page by saying it was the Blue Bird final smash in SSB4. Which didn't even come out at all.

Golden Egg Level 9

Replacing entire content with the Template: Candidates for Deletion page.

Angry Birds Wiki

This makes me EXTREMELY mad. He has replaced the content with the deletion tag and a worthless infobox.

Mine and Dine

He edited the picture and said that the pigs look funny, which made it look like Phineas Flynn29789 was joking! Seriously.


Let's first give him a warning, then ban him if he does it again, then longer and longer, until finally infinite.

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