There is one wiki with only one editor, me. It is called the Cut the Rope Fanon Wiki. It is just like the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki, but about Cut the Rope, another well-known iPhone game. It should have page titles like this:

  • Cut the Rope Rio
  • Cut the Rope Seasons
  • Cut the Rope Space
  • Cut the Rope Veula Tazos
  • Cut the Rope In The Hunt For The Golden Pistacio
  • Cut the Rope Volcano
  • Cut the Rope Cheetos
  • Cut the Rope Telepizza
  • Cut the Rope Fuji TV
  • Cut the Rope Heikki
  • Cut the Rope Coca-Cola

These are some of the fanon games, a bit like the Angry Birds ones. If there are any missing from this list, please explain in comments and then I will add them onto this list. Do NOT say that this is pointless. Also, admins, do NOT delete this blog post because I will spend all day on Cut the Rope Fanon Wiki tomorrow.

Are you coming onto Cut the Rope Fanon Wiki?

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I will be very happy if I see more yes than no in the poll above.