I will post questions about Angry Birds. Prepear to use your brian.


What is Bubbles favorite holiday? A. Halloween


What part will Al play in Angry Birds Star Wars? A. Mace Windu


What kind of bird is Yoda? A. Canaidian Eagle Owl.


Bomb is married to another bird of the flock. Who is it? A popular roumor is, Matilda and Bomb have a relationship. This is not confermed, its just a roumor.


What is the name of the Female Red Bird? She hasnt been given a name yet, but roumor is it starts what an R. 


Who is Terence's best friend of the flock? No one, people think its Al but only becuase he was the first he freed in The Big Setup.


Red Skywalker has 3 powers. What are they? 1. None. 2. Blue Lightsaber. 3. Green Lightsaber

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