• Wolriefield

    Hey there folks. Yesterday after updating my PC Angry Birds Space I decided to take a look at the data files for the game. I saw some curious stuff, including a 4th Rover image that is still not on this update, you can see it here in the right. I think it is Curiosity and that it'll be in the last 10 levels for Red Planet.

    Now to what you came for. I deided to take a look at the audio files, and I got really surprised when I saw three files, named "boomerang_activate", "boomerang_select" and "boomerang_swish". I though, "No, this can't be the Boomerang Bird, should be an item or somewhat." then I clicked the audio files and was very surpised.

    They were clearly Boomerang Bird's sounds.

    If you have Angry Birds Space on PC and you want to see it…

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