4th Rover

Is this Curiosity?

Hey there folks. Yesterday after updating my PC Angry Birds Space I decided to take a look at the data files for the game. I saw some curious stuff, including a 4th Rover image that is still not on this update, you can see it here in the right. I think it is Curiosity and that it'll be in the last 10 levels for Red Planet.

Now to what you came for. I deided to take a look at the audio files, and I got really surprised when I saw three files, named "boomerang_activate", "boomerang_select" and "boomerang_swish". I though, "No, this can't be the Boomerang Bird, should be an item or somewhat." then I clicked the audio files and was very surpised.

They were clearly Boomerang Bird's sounds.

If you have Angry Birds Space on PC and you want to see it by yourself, you can do this: (sorry if you can't undestand, my computer's language is not english)

  1. Go to "My Computer", and "Local Disk", then "Program Files".
  2. Click Rovio and then Angry Birds Space.
  3. Click on Data and Audio.
  4. Click sfx and search for those files names.
  5. Be surprised.

Also do not change anything on the data files, or else the game may get messed up. The right thing is just to look at it and quit.

Well enjoy!

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