If you mostly clever, try this challenge to guess what the Angry Birds' and Bad Piggies' characters. 1 character per 1 clues.

1. This character is generally positive, and soaks up every second of an episode

2. This character loves to act wild and has a dark backstory

3. This character is someone you hate at first but then begin to like as the series goes on., and has tons of character development.

4. This character almost never talks at first but then we learn so much more about her.

5. This character created many memes.

6. This character is in between, and has many mood changes. Some of the fandom likes her, others don't because they think she is bratty, spoiled, and overrated.

7. This character is voiced by the man who does every animal voice in history, and may be connected to a certain mom.

8. this character is generally nice and humble even though he messed up many times but he is very supportive.

9. We will never know if this character likes the title character or not even though its like RIGHT OUT THERE!

10. This character is voiced by someone that is not from a television series

11. This character is dead, and she seems like a sweet person at first but then you discover something shocking.

12. There are tons of this character, but most of the other ones are evil.

13. This character is fancy and rare.

12. This character is peaceful and totally needs more lines.

13. This character is voiced by someone who makes risque music videos.

14. This character is sort of weird and is unstable sometimes.

16. This character is learning how to fight.

15. This character is an example of an abusive relationship.

16. This character is hammy and elegant

17. This character is an instant cinnamon roll and doesn't have an old timey weapon.

18. This character hasn't spoken a word.


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