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Welcome to my talk page! You may message me, but don't talk to me about videos or templates, as I am not very good with them.

A Notice

Now, I remember you blocked me, for NO REASON. yeah, you think I cursed, but I didn't say the f word, I didn't even say the whole word. READ the whole comment first. the next time you do this I will block you for 2 months!!!!

(sure I spammed but we should all know that is a symbol for rage) Waluigiw99 (talk) 23:23, November 28, 2014 (UTC)Waluigiw99Waluigiw99 (talk) 23:23, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

Happy New Year 

Happy New Year to you too :) 

Always wear your invisible crown ♚ Tal k ღ05:30,1/1/2014 


Please block User:GreenBirdFan000. It is actually CT6C.  Boarba Fett  Talk  Blog  Contributions  Following 


What do you mean fix the snow? it looks fine. 

Always wear your invisible crown ♚ Tal k ღ04:41,1/5/2014 


Can you please add the angry birds toons wiki to affiliated wikis on the mainpage? All the staff members voted to have the two wikis affiliated.  Boarba Fett  Talk  Blog  Contributions  Following 

What do you mean???

From my talk page:

Lol! you stupid no change names angry birds space levels!

How? Please answer me soon.


--Bp101697 (talk) 07:15, January 7, 2014 (UTC)Bp101697

Reply your message

Your message:

Oh. That wasn't me, it was an annonymus user. Don't worry, i'm sorry if he hurt your feelings and I will track him down. The Boomerang 19:52, January 7, 2014 (UTC)The Boomerang


P.S. How about my model on level walkthrough page? See at Thread:39627. Please replly me in that page (Please tell other admins).


--Bp101697 (talk) 08:58, January 8, 2014 (UTC)Bp101697

Please Read...

Hello there! I happen to have an old account, and apparently you have been on it (AngryBirdFan1). So, I hear that I get un-banned and then when I log in, my account is disabled. Could you probably ask the Wikia Team why my account got disabled? Then, if you get an answer, can you reply on my page (the new one I'm on)?

Thank you so much. Please write back soon!


The Official Editor (talk) 05:43, January 18, 2014 (UTC)

Space Characters

OK, so I'm searching for the Space Characters, and I find this image, uploaded by User:Redbird25. As I see, the image uploaded by him says clearly "731px-", which means the image may be a smaller version of the original image. So I searched for the original image, uploaded by Blinx9999guizar (inactive). I think it would be better if an admin like you fixed it so the original image is there, and the plagiarized one (if I could say that) is deleted. And because we're talking of images in galleries, would you please eliminate the square orientation on the Lazer Bird gallery? Thanks :) Togekiss:) 250px 04:43, January 24, 2014 (UTC)

I am new here since December 2013

Nice to meet you. Looks like I am new here. mail me on my talk page. You can view my profile page. Weird Glitches make you frighten. (→talkcontribs←) 11:56, January 28, 2014 (UTC)

Can I join the Flock?

Excuse me, are if you the admin of this wiki? If you are, can you let me join this wiki? Please! Me wanna join Angry Birds Wiki! :D

My name is Vincetick by the way and not Vincentick, that was an accidental type of my user name, it was suppose to just be Vincetick, not Vincentick, just a little heads up!

- Vincetick! :D

The big trouble in this wiki

I viewed some pages and I found the some photos in this wiki is not shown! I shocked and I can't do anything. (Such as Firebomb Bird) Please do something to get the photos back to normal. (Click this photo to view my trouble.)

Do you see like in the photo?

I think there are some spammer to damage the wiki's system.

Big Trouble

P.S. I viewed in my iPad with Safari, it displayed same.


Bp101697 (talk) 14:46, January 30, 2014 (UTC)Bp101697

It's back to normal.Bp101697 (talk) 10:01, January 31, 2014 (UTC)Bp101697

Video Swap 

Hey Boomerang have you seen this? to be honest i like the old AngrybirdsNest videos than the licensed swapped one. What do you think?

Always wear your invisible crown ♚ Tal k ღ19:39,2/2/2014

Locked Page (Very Important)

To admin.
Please do not lock the game page such as Angry BirdsAngry Birds Star Wars IIBad Piggies (game) etc. or episode page such as Red PlanetBattle of Naboo or Angry Birds Toons page. And level walkthrough page such as Theme 1-1 and Theme 1-2. I want you give others more freedom to edit. If the page experience edit warring, you can locked it temporary but You mustn't lock that page more than three days because some another user are trouble if they need to edit.

I only request you to do like this. Please contact another admin. I have to edit some page but you protect that page so I can't do anything. Please unlock them permanently.

Please reply me at my talk page.

Thank you very much.

Bp101697 (talk) 13:32, February 5, 2014 (UTC)Bp101697

Re:Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hey, Boomerang, sorry for the late response, but a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!  Qazqaz555  Talk  Blog    : Contributions 

By the way, thanks for keeping the Question of the Month going while I was inactive. And yeah, anything important regarding those characters in AB Toons you can put on their pages.  Qazqaz555  Talk  Blog    : Contributions 

Added images

Can I edit the Boomerang Bird page?Realangrybirdplush (talk) 19:09, February 14, 2014 (UTC)


Hello the boomerang, wanted permission to edit the page:

I swear I will not post any bug

I will only put more information




Please block User:Legodude2221 because he's cursing and saying something gross. Best Perfection through Technology 15:15, February 15, 2014 (UTC)

Seasons 3

Please undo the deletion of Season 3 and change the new page named Season 3. If someone vandalize the page, please undo and protect that page insted of delete.Bp101697 (talk) 11:27, February 16, 2014 (UTC)Bp101697

I created the page of Season 3 instead. You can see it in Season 3.Bp101697 (talk) 11:17, February 17, 2014 (UTC)Bp10697

Warning Shout

Well, I'm sorry. I won't do that anymore. Best Perfection through Technology 10:52, February 18, 2014 (UTC)

Block a User

I know that I should be blocked right now, but please block Sky44Blue99Fun0. He is really Blue99White, who is really CT6C.

I'm movin' so fast, the whole world's going in SLOW MOTION, BABY! (talk) 12:21, February 19, 2014 (UTC)


  1. He has the same bad grammar
  2. Sky44Blue99Fun0 and Blue99White are the samw

I'm movin' so fast, the whole world's going in SLOW MOTION, BABY! (talk) 21:07, February 19, 2014 (UTC)

Re: Toons Affiliates

Well for one, we aren't even affiliates with the Toon Wiki, since it's never been made official.

As for Blue99 his situation seems to have been taken care of. Fett and Lazer already confronted him about it, so for now, we should just wait. If he persists, you can ask Wikia Staff to revoke his rights there.  Qazqaz555  Talk  Blog    : Contributions 

"Throwback" Signature

You can still use your sign {{User:The Boomerang/Sig}}.  Perfectionist  Talk  Blog  Contributions  06:09, February 22, 2014 (UTC) 

Renovating Level Walkthroughs

I renovated the Angry Birds Space level walkthrough pages like in the Thread:41505. What do you think with this new looks? If you like, give the Kudo and cooment. The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions

Ice Bird

I ask you can I delete Ice Bird page and move it to Space Characters?  Perfectionist  Talk  Blog  Contributions  09:54, March 7, 2014 (UTC) 

Angry Birds Stella

angry birds stella is not game it tv show check facebok it say so

Chucklover5 (talk) 20:12, March 19, 2014 (UTC)

Stuffed Animal World (talk) 18:29, June 5, 2014 (UTC) is a game but tv show is later

Angry Birds Go!/Multplayer mode

Why were you delete it?The Space Red: Bp101697 (talk) (Blog) (Contributions)  13:46, March 20, 2014 (UTC)

RE: I'm Back! & Images For AB Toons Page

Hi Boomerang! After about a year or a few months of being away from this wiki, I have returned. I'll be uploading more high-quality images now. Also, I've made transparent versions of 3 images on the Angry Birds Toons page. Can you replace the old images with them? Here are the links:




Thanks a ton! --25px LUCKY SUGAR 25px 11:28, March 29, 2014 (UTC)



--25px LUCKY SUGAR 25px 13:00, March 30, 2014 (UTC)

Angry Birds GO!

Hi The Boomerang. This is Smashbro8. I'm a somewhat new editor here, however, I helped update and create pages such as High Dive. I was wondering if it's okay for the Angry Birds GO! page to be unlocked so I can help edit it. The page is in need of clean up, as well as adding more details. I promise I will not vandalize the page at all. Smashbro8-Sig-pt1 (Smashbro8-Sig-pt2) 21:14, April 4, 2014 (UTC)Smashbro8

Category:Insanely hard levels

Please do not delete the pages without asking the builders, except the pages that place the delete tag.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 02:16, April 11, 2014 (UTC)

Then, remove that category on those page. The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 01:13, April 12, 2014 (UTC)

No Longer Underaged

I am happy to say that now I am officially not underaged and a full member of this wiki. i know I caused a lot of trouble, but I hope that can be all forgotten. I would also like to edit here more, as the Toons Wiki has been literally destroyed. There is one thing you can do for me though; can you unblock my other account? I need to delete it.


Bella kim (talk) 22:45, April 15, 2014 (UTC) I found a username to block.

His name is SopranoGirl.


Thanks to block her, she vandalized Angry Birds Rio page and User:System32 Bad Piggies was undo back. For time to block her, one month is not too less? She is dangerous for our wiki.

Oh, I've got it, she only started in our wiki yesterday.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 01:33, April 16, 2014 (UTC)

Please Go to Forums (Questions and Answers) and tell me when you gonna add that thing. The Marked Warrior (talk) 19:14, April 17, 2014 (UTC)

Bella kim (talk) 22:29, April 27, 2014 (UTC) I think this is it. Myseriered00987 is been blocked because she is underaged.

I think she told a lie that she is right age.

Can you please ban her from the chat?

Re:Something strange...

Ah, yes, that was from a while back, around 3 years ago according to the timestamp. Sorry if you found that offending, I didn't know any better back then.  Qazqaz555  Talk  Blog    : Contributions 

Slash Bird

Why did you delete it? Slash Bird is the real bird in Angry Birds Space. It's not fake.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 08:46, May 3, 2014 (UTC)

Page Protection

Can you please protect the pages Angry birds rio and rio characters? Bella kim (talk) 23:55, May 5, 2014 (UTC)

Why? Everybody except admin can't edit anything.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 01:38, May 6, 2014 (UTC)
Bella kim (talk) 12:21, May 8, 2014 (UTC) The reason is look at user:Sopranogirl. The bird game buster will do it again after the buster's block expires.
Oh, I forget about it.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 13:01, May 8, 2014 (UTC)

Hi there!



Welcome to our wiki, and thank you for your contributions! There's a lot to do around here, so I hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.

Recent changes is a great first stop, because you can see what pages other people have been editing, and where you can help.
Questions? You can ask at the Help desk or on the "discussion" page associated with each article, or post a message on my talk page!
Need more help? The Community Portal has an outline of the site and links to pages to help you learn how to edit.
Please sign in every time you edit, so that we can recognise an established user.

I'm really happy to have you here, and look forward to working with you!

so bad



Plity30 vandalized the forum threads. Should you block him?The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 08:45, May 10, 2014 (UTC)

Minion Pigs

Did you deleted the Small Pig, Medium Pig, and Large Pig pages? That's OK, but you have to restore all info to the Minion Pig Page. Do it as soon as possible.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 09:32, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

Okay to be honest merging pages is alot of risk taking and alot of work if we mess it up so I suggest we should restore all the pig pages and delete the Minion Pig page. It was easier like that anyway. 

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ03:49,5/21/2014 

But the templates are messed up now that the pages have been deleted like these:




> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ02:47,5/22/2014


Should we add the {{FutureMedia}} template into the pages for the characters in Angry Birds Stella? If so, you should semi-protect the pages so that it fits the description of the template.

😀 Solstice2000(talk)(blog)(Contributions) 😀 06:28, June 5, 2014 (UTC)


Bella kim (talk) 06:12, June 5, 2014 (UTC) ==Request==

Can you please block User:Cat556 permanantly from this wiki? That is a spam account.

Also block Ribonucleicacid538 from this wiki because he wrote spam in Team Umizoomi wiki and I'm afried they are going to do this wiki too.

Stuffed Animal World (talk) 18:26, June 5, 2014 (UTC) i wish i can be an admin

Sopranogirl (talk) 20:50, June 12, 2014 (UTC)Please unblock me in the Wonder Pets wiki.

I was removing content that is fake episodes.

Message Wall

Bella kim (talk) 21:21, June 12, 2014 (UTC) I created a poll to have message wall.

Fat Pig Template

Can you please add the the new character template to the Fat Pig page? I cannot because it is protected. Thanks.  Boarba Fett  Talk  Blog  Contributions  Following 

Sopranogirl (talk) 11:40, June 18, 2014 (UTC)


Can you please block User:Doublepoop because she/he has blocked in Wonder Pets wiki by User:Sandra Cheeks previously because of her/his unacceptable username. According to Sandra Cheeks, wikia rules has to have an acceptable username that doesn't contains even childish bad word as hers/his.

I also hate the word Poop so can you block her/him please?

Deleting Uneeded Pages

Thanks for telling me. I insert the delete tag because I give them another chance to tell the a rference or source.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 02:18, June 28, 2014 (UTC)

Re;Another Note

Hmm, that issue seems tricky, as they are separate games, but are directly related. I feel that if we merge the two, it could get overcrowded, as there are a lot of characters in both Star Wars games. At the same time, I also agree that Star Wars characters should be on one page. I'm not too sure about what action we should take about it though.  Qazqaz555  Talk  Blog    : Contributions 

You mean like a <tabview> font? I guess we could, but I feel relocating the pages would be a hassle. What we could do is something like [this], but have 2 tabs on the top of each page. That way we can just stick the template and not relocate anything.  Qazqaz555  Talk  Blog    : Contributions 

Ok, ok

Thanks for that, and hey, I sent you a friend request on facebook, please accept it.

  1. REDIRECT User:Shudipto.siam/Signature


I said in the Thread:45213 about comments and badges. Try for one month.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 12:12, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

Bella kim (talk) 08:42, July 5, 2014 (UTC)

PAW Patrol and Team Umizoomi request

Can you make me into a rollback in Team Umizoomi wiki instead of GoldenLatias6? Do not think it's a spam and I'm waiting for me to be a rollback or chat mod. But that admin, GoldenLatias6 is inactive there and I once asked her in PAW Patrol fanon wiki but she forgot it. I also asked User:HarpyPurio from Rio wiki, but he couldn't help me and I am not possible to adopt that wiki and the founder, Iphoneorange is inactive so I'm asking you to make me into rollback or chat mod.

You know my situation, so please do not hesitate to ask.



Dear Boomerang,

I am talking on behalf of Phanminhnhat (see block log, see contribs), who was blocked on January, 17th by you. The block log says 'inserting false information', and some messages on his wall make me think that he posted some fanon stuff. On the other side, we worked together at Cut the Rope wiki, and I know him as a responsible editor. Can you please either lift a block or allow Phanminhnhat to edit his own talk page so that he can comment on the situation.

Yours, --Nochnik (talk) 07:09, July 9, 2014 (UTC)

What has happened to you??

What kind of a page did you create?

"For the Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life." ―Mace Windu talk Contributions 16:37, July 17, 2014 (UTC)

Man, seriously? Whoeer that hacker his, I would kill him. That page got me into trouble with my parents. (They saw it and thought I was posting bad stuff on wikia)

"For the Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life." ―Mace Windu talk Contributions 16:57, July 18, 2014 (UTC)

And yeah, the message wasn't intended for you, it was intended for the hacker. (I posted this just 5 mins after the creation of the page.) :P

"For the Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life." ―Mace Windu talk Contributions 17:06, July 18, 2014 (UTC)


Greetings! I am Chickenwrangler369, mostly active on the pvz wiki but also a HUGE angry birds fan.

I have recently made an Angry birds roleplay wiki and i've been wondering is we could be 'wiki partners' and advertize each others wiki on our main page. Please leave me a message if you approve.

P.S. anyone is invited to my wiki

Chickenwrangler369 (talk) 11:59, July 22, 2014 (UTC)

Bella kim (talk) 22:46, July 27, 2014 (UTC)

Offended name

Can you please block g permanently because I think that is a sockpuppet account that is not good name and User:Cat556 permanently please? That is the sockpuppet account too and could be spam account for us.

Thank you Boomerang for such a warm welcome!
150px-Chuck 5 (Transparent)
Thunderbird3 (talk) 08:07, July 28, 2014 (UTC)


Hi, I'd just like to alert you to the unconstructive edits and uploads of User:Deezpertynutz‎ and User:Fataldestroyer‎. — SW8573 (Talk) 02:49, July 30, 2014 (UTC)


How vandalism for Golden Pig page? I'll restore all pages you deleted today.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 13:53, August 8, 2014 (UTC)

Ok, should we delete Epic Characters Pages or Use the form in those pages (Golden Pig, Rogue, Red Ninja) to Epic Characters? Ask other admins and other user, too.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 02:25, August 9, 2014 (UTC)

Little question

Do you find users who "live in" Piggy Island? (On their user pages) Yhynerson1 (talk) 15:44, August 8, 2014 (UTC)yhynerson1

Hi Sr. The Boomerang.

How do you do to your name appear yellow or with another colour?


- Tobias. (talk) 23:07, August 8, 2014 (UTC)

Deleting Message Summary

I was very angry, so I replied you such a thing. I want to tell you that please bring this to Qaz to judge this.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 14:45, September 4, 2014 (UTC)

I'm active again. I want to apologize you by this blog post. But please understand me I'm angry easily. Thank you for your comment.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 11:37, September 11, 2014 (UTC)

RE:Note From the Angry Birds Wiki

Hello, I just came to tell you that I started and see what the logo of the wiki, there is only one case ...

I contacted the administrator of the facebook page, (I'm afraid I'm not the administrator, only CDC) but disagree about the name change, I want to take this in a cordial manner, the second bureaucrat wants to contact you, however I wish to find a good solution for this, I am organizing a meeting tomorrow in the Chat wiki in Spanish with the other administrators, and also i contact Central Community to see if they can advise me on this.

Either way wish to get along with you, because I like to edit here, and do not want more problems. Greetings JEJB (talk) 18:29, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

Colored Link Pages

In our wiki. We have colored links for staff and birds pages. Should we add another pages to have color link such as Angry Birds Stella Characters (Poppy, Luca, Willow, Dahlia, and Gale) and pig pages such as Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig, and King Pig? You are currently only another active admin. What do you think? Please reply me on my talk page. Thank you.The Space Red: Bp101697 talk Blog Contributions 12:20, September 11, 2014 (UTC)

I need talk, pls

I'll change the logo of the wifi, but please, I need to talk you

I dont know the previous situation between the two wikis before, but my goal is forget the bitterness, I have a proposal for you, share between the two wikis the facebook page (not very original the idea but is a "win-win" plan).

then? who is your opinion? JEJB (talk) 03:37, October 2, 2014 (UTC)

What the heck do you think you're doing?

Stop undoing our edits to Angry Birds Epic level pages, please!

Halloween Background

Since Qaz and no other admin are active except for you, do you think we should change the background Halloween style again? Like last year? I miss editing on this wiki, I think I might return. :)

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ04:36,10/13/2014

Re: Hi!

I know, I'm really excited! I can't believe it's finally here! And Bubbles is ba- oh wait, he's really annoying. Anyways, I guess i'm excited. I'm movin' so fast, the whole world's going in SLOW MOTION, BABY! (talk) 20:40, October 13, 2014 (UTC)

Bureaucrat Rights

You want to ask for bureaucrat rights for Wikia staff? Lets wait till the end of the month if Qaz comes back and maybe we should consider I mean its ALOT of responsibility... 

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ03:58,10/14/2014 

Halloween Logo background

You don't happen to have the wiki logo for Halloween right.... because I don't. :/

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ02:47,10/16/2014

Hey! I saw your message and I really understand!

GamerboyTURBO3455 (talk) 00:27, November 5, 2014 (UTC)

Holiday Theme

Should we switch back to the holiday theme like last year? You know like the background. I can make it snow again :) Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ01:01,11/28/2014 

No I think the new background is fine, I would make it bigger though...

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ02:57,11/28/2014

Re:Fan Fiction

Well, this is not really fan-fiction. Blue Terence has a name because I saw Rovio's description about On Finn Ice video on YouTube today.

This is a description from the video: "The holidays are a time when families get together, and the birds are no exception. Join Terence as he visits his cousin Tony in Finland! Get the new Finland-themed update for Angry Birds Seasons on December 1st, and play a new wintery level for every day in December!" AquaAngryBirdsFan (talk) 21:59, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

Now, I remember you blocking me, for NO REASON. you said I was swearing. you think I said the f word, but no! I did not say the whole word!!!! Read the full comment first. next time you do this, after my block term, I will block you for 2 months. Waluigiw99 (talk) 23:17, November 28, 2014 (UTC)Waluigiw99Waluigiw99 (talk) 23:17, November 28, 2014 (UTC)


I guess if I could become a bureucrat (unlikely since you have alot of votes) I can be much more active.  You might as well wait till the poll ends since you're already winning. But like you said we should have two b-crats... whatever you choose.

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ20:17,11/29/2014 

Hey Boomerang, can we use this logo I've created for the Holiday Season?  Perfectionist  Talk  Blog  Contributions  03:18, November 30, 2014 (UTC) 


Boomerang, I have cleared and arranged the logo and I made it smaller. If you agree, reply to me ASAP and I will change it.  Perfectionist  Talk  Blog  Contributions  09:19, December 1, 2014 (UTC) 


Could You please make me admin i will really help out and i would like to contribute to the birds page but i cant

Please make me admin!!

I will be able to help you out as well so please please!! make me admin

From Peter879

Hello Boomerang. Me and JEJB want to tell you if we can use the logo and background of the Angry Birds Wiki (spanish). I will wait your answer. :)

Have a good day!

- Tobias. (talk) 13:49, December 2, 2014 (UTC)

(~~Hi Bird~~)

Hey Boomerang, maybe after christmas...can you make this the 2015 wiki logo?


User:Redbird25 02:10, December 4, 2014 (UTC)

Re: Wiki Main Page

You would have to recreate all the templates on the main page in order to put the images on there though..

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ03:37,12/4/2014 

Re: Image Unit

Sure Boomerang, you can go ahead. ^_^ AquaAngryBirdsFan (talk) 16:19, December 20, 2014 (UTC)

New 2015 Background Suggestion

Boomerang, can this wiki be filled with this background:

ABW 2015 Main Background Testing

Please reply to me ASAP if you agree or you don't. And about your new chat idea, can you make it 7pm Eastern Time?  Perfectionist  Talk  Blog  Contributions  09:20, December 21, 2014 (UTC) 

Your planning background that is Stella's flock should be fitted if there's "Angry Birds Stella Wiki". Now, this is "Angry Birds Wiki", it talks about the whole Angry Birds Universe, Stella is only under Angry Birds. And also Angry Birds talks the original flock (Red, The Blues, Chuck, etc...) not any birds. Space, Star Wars, Star Wars II, etc. is only under Angry Birds. The bird characters there are from the original flock. Also Rio and Toons sprites has almost the similarities and only some differences, that I also originted from the planned 2015 Angry Birds Wiki wordmark by Redbird25. Did you understand? I'm not trying to offend you, but my background can be more appropriate. I'm deeply apologizing if you were offended. About your chat idea, I'm only available on Saturday, 7pm ET. And if you convert that into the time in the Philippines, it is Sunday, 8am PST.  Perfectionist  Talk  Blog  Contributions  06:41, December 24, 2014 (UTC) 
I understand your message. To clarify this, I need a link for the examples of Angry Birds Toons Backgrounds (without birds, pigs, etc...) and I will fix it.  Perfectionist  Talk  Blog  Contributions  06:27, December 25, 2014 (UTC) 
This wiki focused more on the original flock (Red's flock). If there's Angry Birds Stella Wiki, you can do that appropriately. By the way, Merry Christmas!  Perfectionist  Talk  Blog  Contributions  01:43, December 26, 2014 (UTC) 

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Boomerang! I'm sorry I haven't been active, I am studying for finals :( 

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ03:23,12/26/2014

Unlocking the Bird's image pages

Do you think we should unlock the image galleries for the birds? I think it's okay for people to add images, so as long as they aren't fanon...

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ01:14,1/2/2015

So can we unlock the pages?

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ22:05,1/4/2015

Oh and one more thing, in my opinion, it's ridiculous that all the bird pages are locked. We admins can't keep up with the information as much as this community can. I think we should give them a second chance and see what happens. Maybe they can update on the info better than the 3 of us. I think we should unlock the bird's pages for a little while and see if we can trust the community enough. We've changed.

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ04:23,1/9/2015

Username with a swear word

Hello The Boomerang!

I have found a user with a swear word in their username. They edited the Chuckmainia page lastly. (I don't want to use the word) Please look into this. Thanks. :)

--~ Red Hawk ;) 01:20, January 10, 2015 (UTC)

Just to be sure

Yeah so should we unlock the pages? I just wanna make sure before I do.

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ20:40,1/10/2015

New section

Hi. Can you edit Yellow Bird's article? He has appeared on Angry Bird Epic and yet this is not reflected on the article. I would have edited it myself but it is protected.

Iamarepeater (talk) 02:05, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

Re: Welcome Back!

thanks. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying yet but we'll see. Also, Qaz left? When and why? I'm gonna miss him. Link The Hero of Time 20:29, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

Level Images

Hi, Boomerang. Right now I'm too busy with my work and I can't take pictures and make pages for the original levels. But the other guys can't help anything! Can you help me Boomerang? Just make the infobox, take a screenshot of the level and explain how to beat the level. Also, you can use Angry Birds Nest (a very helpful page) to help you. Not just the original ones, the Seasons and Rio ones also don't have much level pages but we'll do Seasons first. Right now I'm working on Ham Dunk but don't worry about it, just continue making Hogs and Kisses. Phanminhnhat (my talk)


Well... sorry for talking you about videos but you're the only admin I found (I know there are much more admins but now i found you)! I want to talk you about my channel, The Pirates.It's got a lot of videos about the angry birds! However, there are in Greek and you can't watch them! The Pirates channel, January 19th 2014

OK, Boomerang. Did you see "To The Bitter End" yet? It was a very heartbreaking episode, because Gale died. Shouldn't we make a thread about it?

Re: Image Unit

Wow! Thank you so much! :D

I would like to choose Willow as a avatar, she's my most favorite bird in Angry Birds Stella, and my colored link will be teal. ^w^ AquaAngryBirdsFan (talk) 02:05, January 30, 2015 (UTC)

Hey Boomerang,

I would be very interested about becoming an Administrator in the Angry Birds Wiki.



you closed my thread and all I did was ask a question, you closed my thread with a FALSE reason, re-open it before I have no choice but to block you for vandalization Waluigiw99 (talk) 17:25, February 1, 2015 (UTC)Waluigiw99Waluigiw99 (talk) 17:25, February 1, 2015 (UTC)

Hey, Boomerang, did you create this new background. It looks AWESOME! Oh, and I love your new profile pic. I'm sorry for being so stubborn and rude back there. Maybe Gale's not dead, because she had the Golden Egg with her, so it must make her resist the things that killed her. I clearly know the rules now, so will you forgive me, and will we finally settle this and become friends again? -StephenPig28


Well thanks for making sense for me for once, and mouth off? Waluigiw99 (talk) 03:33, February 8, 2015 (UTC)Waluigiw99Waluigiw99 (talk) 03:33, February 8, 2015 (UTC)


Hi The Boomerang. I just want to say thanks for welcoming me to the wiki. I tried to do my first article, Bearded Ambition, and somebody wanted it deleted. Can you offer me some types for making articles.


--Grievous 321 (talk) 23:30, February 16, 2015 (UTC)will you plz unlock my friend Stephenpig88 he is a reallllly good guy

Template of The Blues in Epic

I want to ask some questions, The Boomerang. I hope you can help me.

I wnat to edit templates and they say I have to do it at the template page like this: Template: TheBluesEpicStats. But then after that, I don't know how to apply it to the page: Epic Characters. So can you please help or teach me?

LBX-VANGUARD (talk) 07:59, February 23, 2015 (UTC)

P.S. May not be 1 template only.

New Staff Members Possibly?

Okay Boomerang I know what I said about staying active and I'm sorry. I know recently we have gotten a new admin and we should really update the admin page... I think we should get a few more staff members to be nominating users because there should be at least one person watching the wiki when we're gone. What do you think? 

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ05:21,3/9/2015 

Re:Colored Text and Avatar

I like Bomb the best so I think I'll choose Bomb and the bold color. And I will edit my profile soon. Phanminhnhat (my talk page)

Matilda is not editable! Please fix the glitch! ~ User:Jimskathy

Epic Set Items Tips Page Request

Hi The Boomerang, I like to request if I can: 1. Create a page that gives tips to all players about set items, 2. Directly add tips at the Equipments in Angry Birds Epic page in the set items sections. Because I just thought it is best if everyone knows it, if you allow, I'll be happy! If not, it's ok too. LBX-VANGUARD (talk) 08:21, March 14, 2015 (UTC)

I want you to see something. 

Hey Boomerang I just wanted to let you know this user approached me on another wiki and he completely disrespected you as an administrator by trying to get me on his side. Do you think he should be blocked again? (dont worry I defended you)

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ00:29,3/15/2015

Hi, Boomerang, this is StephenPig28, and I am very sorry and in deep repent of what I have done in the past. If yo can politely forgive me, then I will be satisfied and halpy to continue editing this wiki. -with kindness, StephenPig28

Now he won't leave me Alone.... 

Stephen is asking me on another wiki why I blocked him.What should I do? :/

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ00:14,3/16/2015 


Hello, Boomerang. I wanted you to answer some of my questions. First off: When was the first time you have contributed to the Angry Birds Wiki?

Danielbird18 (talk) 02:26, March 21, 2015 (UTC) Danielbird18

Making Themes

Boomerange do you use certain programs to make backgrounds for the wiki? I'm curious.

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ03:56,3/22/201

A message from StephenPig28

Hi, Boomerang. I'm glad to see you again on the wiki, but listen, there is a problem I have encountered on the Sleep Like a Hog. A glitch, I should say. It would not let me add anything to the Trivia, and I am trying to put, "This is the second appearance of Tenor Pig." Please help.

Don't go

Look, I know you complained about StephenPig28 disliking you, but please do not leave this wiki. I would be very ashamed of you did. I am so, so sorry for all the arguments I have had with you. I am just furious at StephenPig's comment on his favorite admin (which isn't you). Don't let that force you to leave this precious wiki. I'm not trying to tempt you.

StephenPig28 is my brother, though. I will let him know that he should end his rudeness towards you RIGHT NOW. I am very angry with him now. He made a very stupid decision.

Once again, don't leave me ashamed. Don't take this as a lame and unstrong excuse. Danielbird18 (talk) 01:57, March 24, 2015 (UTC)

If  you really are Leaving..

It took me a long time to think this so please hear me  out. Yes I know what it feels like to be called names, taken advantage of, being rumor spread. It happens to everyone. It drives you nuts, and at a point you just wanna give up. I get it. You want to focus on your personal life and it seems you are way to stressed to run a wiki too. Letting users put you down or add to your stress should not be part of whatever you're going through.It's not worth it. Some of them are actually going to feel sorry you are leaving. 

I shouldn't have said I couldnt handle this wiki alone.There will be other users that come and go, I can't BELIEVE I lasted longer then Qaz's stay here, I thought stress would actualy get me from this point. Wikia isn't just a website you make friends here that you will never meet but still get to talk through a computer/phone screen. 

It's really hard to see all of you go because I started with all of you helping just a simple editor on this wiki. I miss the old times.I miss actually getting a good night's sleep. School before wikia is always important and I understand that. I believe you're going to be sucessful at whatever you want to do someday if you just believe.You've got potential of being the best. I feel like this is the end of an era but another will start soon.

Maybe someday you'll be able to return.I still really don't want you to leave and remember no one else does, but it's your decision, and I respect it. 

If you ever want to talk you know where to find me. 

Farewell Boomerang and thanks for being a good friend. 

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ04:00,3/25/2015 

Hi, Boomerang. ;_: I am very to the infinitieth power sorry that I have ruined your wiki career. I will repent to God and then pray for you. If I had a special power, it would be Yellow Glow Powers, a substance that gives me the ability to do anything. If I had that, I would find out where you currently are and show you how sincere I am.

-With devotion and kindness, StephenPig28

Everything alright?

Hey Boomerang, I happened to visit and noticed all of the commotion, and I'm concerned about your well being. Is everything okay? Are you feeling stressed out? If you want to talk about it, you can always message me on my talk page.

Qazqaz555 02:24, March 26, 2015 (UTC)

If it's too stressful, take a break from wikia for a while. Recollect everything that occurred with a clearer mind, and try to resolve anything as best as you can. Try not to make any big decisions while your mind is under stress, relax and think things through. I think you just need a little while to get yourself back together. Everything should be more clear when you have a calmer mind.
Qazqaz555 00:47, March 27, 2015 (UTC)

Grammar Group, Article Improving & Administration

I am working hard toward becoming an admin. There have been several mistakes in grammar in this wiki that I would like to fix. But, I could also edit a few other pages with more information.

Danielbird18 (talk) 16:15, April 1, 2015 (UTC)


I noticed you were on a minute ago. I am on chat if you want to talk.

I'm movin' so fast, the whole world's going in SLOW MOTION, BABY! (talk) 12:52, April 5, 2015 (UTC)

Cover Image

Boomerang, did you add the cover image thing in the wiki homepage? It's really making it mess up coding on the front page. 

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ02:30,4/10/2015 

The thing is, I don't know how to remove it... could you do the honors?

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ02:42,4/10/2015

Sorry to bother you...

I just want to know whether StephenPig28 is coming back, because one wikia contributor claims that he's blocked forever. Response, please.

Danielbird18 (talk) 02:30, April 24, 2015 (UTC)

Spelling errors

Excuse me for a second, but I kinda remember the fact that not everyone is perfect, but I remembered that every spelling must be spellchecked by every user, and some of them do not remember when to spell check. The Boomerang, my question is are we supposed to spellcheck before publishing?

Robertnvabeach (talk) 00:15, April 27, 2015 (UTC)


Boomerang, if I change the "Angry Birds Epic 2 - Why it should happen" is it OK?


When are you coming back to the Geometry Dash wiki?

About that block..

Boomerang I know that Stephenpig has caused you distress and all, but is blocking him till 2022 really a way to punish him? I totally understand why you would be mad at him, I would do the same. You've caused him a lot of stress and he really doesn't know why. We've been talking, and he really truly apologizes to you. He wants me to unblock him anf he promises to behave and keep his distance from you. Should we give him a chance?

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ21:02,6/26/2015

Editing Again. Yay.

Hello, again, Boomerang. Since now is my time to edit again, I'll be improving the grammar on the Toons TV episodes. But, can you give me a list of things to edit?


Danielbird18 (talk) 14:19, June 27, 2015 (UTC)

Removal of "Agri Birds" section on Gale page

Should the "Agri Birds" section on the Gale page be removed? I don't think that it is necessary, considering that the other bird pages don't include such content.

Solstice2000(talk) 16:17, June 29, 2015 (UTC)

Hi again, I just realized that the wiki seems to take Agri Birds as a real game. Note that the game doesn't exist and is merely a (very successful) joke made by Rovio. Thus, I suggest removing the Agri Characters page. Thanks.
Solstice2000(talk) 11:29, July 2, 2015 (UTC)

Wiki backgrounds

It looks like you don't like my new backgrounds. Why did you change my background? (If it's because of low quality, sorry.) Phanminhnhat (talk) 12:14, July 17, 2015 (UTC)

I'm new here and I wanted to know, what is the image policy. Can we place images that have been take from the game (aka hack) and put on them on galleries repectively. Just wanted to know before doing so. ErnestoAM (talk) 03:03, July 18, 2015 (UTC)


  • Can i make an edit on Silver's Trivia 
  • Al the ET


In Gale's Page On This Wiki... (In Agri Birds Section)...

Gale is A Male In Thes Game...

Page: the blues

Ehh... the Boomerang, I'm sorry. I was trying to edit the page when something happened and the picture went into HTML. Please forgive me.

By the way I am a new member

JL2015JL14  03:59, August 7, 2015 (UTC)

Hi Boom.Because the other angry birds animate wikia close.Could you please help me out with this one.Here the link:  Thanks!

99Fast44Blue (talk) 17:42, August 7, 2015 (UTC)

Re: Promotion

Well, sometimes I do wish to be an admin because I need to clean up the files/photos on this wiki (either it's unnecessary, or vandalism pics, some of files needs to delete permanently). But sure! ^^

AquaAngryBirdsFan (talk) 14:17, August 18, 2015 (UTC)

LapisLazuli123 (talk) 14:08, August 19, 2015 (UTC)Transformers

Can I add pages for the characters?

 Goodbye from Angry Hearts 

It's official Boomerang. I thought I'd say farewell first because you and I have been through a lot here. When Qaz, and Link were active, we had a lot of great times. I can't BELIEVE we lasted longer then Qaz's stay here, I thought stress would actually get me first from this point.

It's really hard to because I started with all of you helping just a simple editor on this wiki. I miss the old times.School before wikia is always important.You've got potential of being the best admin here. I feel like this is the end of an era but another will start soon.

I wish I could stay, but I've moved onto different interests now. Angry Birds will always hold a special place in my heart.

I promise to visit from time to time.

Farewell Boomerang and thanks for being a good friend and fellow contributor.

> My thoughts are stars i cannot fathom into constellations Talk ღ

02:51,8/22/2015 Block Lubie Windows. Becuase they messed up with the Angry birds POP! Page. Angrybirds2fan92647 (talk) 12:04, August 29, 2015 (UTC) Angrybirds2fan92647

Special Content Placement

Hey there! One of our staff reached out to Bp101697 and I contacted AquaAngryBirdsFan about this, but we haven't heard back yet from either one so I wanted to get the opinion of another admin :) Like we said in our messages to them, we are trying to connect fans with Angry Birds, and, as part of that, we are working with sponsors and partners to place certain content on fan communities.

This content could be, for example, trailers or behind-the-scenes videos and would live in a prominent place on all of the pages of your community. The placement is temporary (~2-4 weeks) and is only done with admin consent. This is a great way to get content that is relevant and interesting to existing fans as well as drive new fans to your Wikia community!

You can see an example on Borderlands Wiki of what this could possibly look like. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and whether or not you have any questions! Grace @Wikia (profile)•(talk) 16:15, September 3, 2015 (UTC)

Awesome, thanks for responding so quickly! We'll let you know if we get any more information later :) Grace @Wikia (profile)•(talk) 18:20, September 3, 2015 (UTC)

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