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Utopia 4-20 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode Utopia banner
Level Number 90
Birds Sequence Red bird spaceBig green birdBig green birdLazer bird
No.of Pigs Teamster x7 Teamster x1 Fat pig x1
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 115,000 points
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Utopia 4-19 Utopia 4-21

Utopia 4-20 is the 20th level in Utopia.


Collect 3 stars is very hard. You can only use one bird for three stars.


Fling the Red bird through the northwestern-most pig and hope for a huge domino-effect, clearing possibly all the pigs.



Angry Birds Space Utopia 4-20 Walkthrough 3-Star00:46

Angry Birds Space Utopia 4-20 Walkthrough 3-Star

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