Vampire Pig
Vampire Pig
Abilities None
First Appearance None, but appears in cutscene of Halloween Tournament.
Gender Male
Species Pigs
Locations Halloween Tournament cutscene
Strength None
Size Medium

    Vampire Pig is a long dead pig. The cause of its death is unknown, and it seems that this is a parody of Dracula.

A statue of this pig also appeared in the cutscene.


The vampire is dressed in a dark gray cloak. On his head he has a few strands of black hair. He has a nasty look, and has fangs instead of teeth. He is also covered with green warts.


In a cemetery on Halloween night, the pigs tell a story about the Vampire Pig whose statue sits nearby. The Birds pass by, and Bubbles sees some candy. He jumps toward the candy, bumping into the statue which falls and lets out a purple gas which turns the pigs into zombies.