Wall of Pigs Episode 2 Level 3
ABStella BeachDayWallOfPigs3
Episode Beach Day
Level Number III
Birds Sequence WillowABStella (Transparent)ABGS-LucaABGS-DahliaWillowABStella (Transparent)ABGS-LucaABGS-DahliaWillowABStella (Transparent)
No. of Pigs MinionPigToons 15
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent): 147,000 points
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Beach Day Level 45 Beach Day Level 46

Wall of Pigs Episode 1 Level III is the 3rd wall of pigs level in Beach Day and the 8th wall of pigs level Angry Birds Stella. It is the 114th level in Angry Birds Stella. To pass this level, you must pop all pigs with 3 Willows, 2 Lucas and 2 Dahlias. If you have extra birds left in this level, you will earn 10,000 points each bird.

Stella Three Stars Stars

Stella One Star : Pop 15 pigs

Stella Two Stars : 137,000 points

Stella Three Stars : 147,000 points


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Angry Birds Stella Wall of Pigs Level 3 Episode 2 Beach Day Walkthrough01:33

Angry Birds Stella Wall of Pigs Level 3 Episode 2 Beach Day Walkthrough

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