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Weekly Tournament is a special episode for Angry Birds Go!, it has been added in v1.3.0 update. Not included in the list of the main episodes.


Angry Birds Go! v1.0


Weekly Tournament is a simple tournament consists of 5 different tracks with different modes (Race, Time Boom, Fruit Splat, Slalom, and Champion Chase); effect takes place in each track a game episode. These tracks are changed and updated every week.

Each week, the player is invited to go through all five tracks and get them as many points (you need to try to score more points than your friends from Facebook). At the end of each week, you'll be able to see who win, including your Facebook friends, this week scored the most points. The winner will receive a lucky box.

If a player is not connected Angry Birds Go! with Facebook, or doesn't have Facebook friends, the player proposed to compete against two virtual players, Red and Chuck, who are participating in each tournament is also gaining a certain number of points.

Angry Birds Go! v2.0

ABGO V2Gameplay8

The tournament has changed in v2.0. It has consists of 3 different tracks with different modes with a time limit, you can also select Easy, Medium, or Hard.

The player will receive a reward when the time limit ends. The prizes are tickets when you're in 1st-3rd place or coins when you're in 4th-20th place.


  • In the earlier tournaments, in the box that said event types for Champion Chase said "Time Boom".

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