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Weekly Tournament Characters are dressed-up versions of the Birds in Weekly Tournament.

57895 Haunter 1

The Hunter 

The Hunter is Terence with grey hair, a mantle and a hat. He only appears in Angry Birds Friends in the Weekly Halloween Tournament. 

Santa Bomb 


The Santa Bomb bird is based on Santa Claus. He only appears in the Angry Birds Friends Winter Tournament, so he is a limited edition character. His ability is the same as the original version of Black Bird. But unlike the original, Santa Bomb has 3 different launch noises, each one with a different pitch, but all are said as, "HO, HO, HO!"


The Wingman is Terence with a mask with a big W on it. He is the only Weekly Tournament Bird that is a not for a limited time, so he will appear in all Tournaments.

He is also available to buy for Bird Coins in the shop.

Whenever he hits blocks words such as POW! and WHAM! appear.

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