You can earn this achievement in this level.

Who's Your Daddy Now is an achievement in Angry Birds Star Wars. You can earn it by playing level 4-40.

How to Earn

To earn this achievement, you need to defeat a full-healthed Darth Vader instantly with Luke Skywalker. Below is the strategy to earn this achievement.


The image of the achievement

  • Go to level 4-40.
  • Waste all first five birds without damage to Darth Vader.
  • Send Luke, use air compressor to reach Darth Vader.
  • When Luke near Darth Vader, pull the lightsaber before Vader.


  1. It's hard to aim Luke towards Vader and pull lightsaber before Vader.
  2. Vader is fast to pull the lightsaber against you.
  3. You must not hurt Darth Vader before the last bird.


Angry Birds Star Wars Who's Your Daddy Now Achievement01:14

Angry Birds Star Wars Who's Your Daddy Now Achievement

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