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Abilities Vortex Spin (Arc in mid-air then spin through blocks)
First Appearance Angry Birds Stella Level 34
Gender Female
Species Blue-black Grosbeak
Locations Golden Island
Strength unknown
Size Medium

Willow is a navy blue-colored Bird that first appeared in Angry Birds Stella.

She has 6 pieces of long hair and likes to play with the others, because it shows her pulling the tail of Stella in the character sketches. She does not seem to be much of a daredevil, as she seems shocked as Luca approaches the edge of a tree branch in the cover art for Angry Birds Stella. She loves to have fun, be adventurous, and be creative like the rest of her friends.

Willow is very artistic and loves to daydream. Unfortunately she has grand ideas but cannot always follow through. It aggrovates her to see someone destroying her habitat. She is a free spirit but is the shyest of the group. She also feels safest when wearing a large, oversized hat. She sometimes holds back her feelings aside from when pigs are around. She hates it when someone disturbs her when she has a creative art session.

Her power is similar to Hal's ability, but is handled differently. When the screen is tapped and held down, Willow slows down and proceeds to spin. As the screen is held, Willow rotates counter-clockwise. Releasing the screen will cause her to shoot herself in the direction she is facing, drilling through objects before stopping.



  • As seen in a video Willow always impresses her friends with her drawings, but when her friends are impressed by her drawings, she becomes shy and hides in her cap.

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