Wizpig's Castle

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Zone Hog Head Mountain
Type Castle
Wave 1 Righty x1
Lefty x1
Wizpig x1
Wave 2 Demonic Wizpig x1
Main Prize ABEpicTreasure (Transparent) x1
(RainbowShell (Transparent):3 after you got the treasure)
Previous Next
Magic Shield - 5 Shaking Hall - 1

Wizpig's Castle is the sixth and the last castle and the three hundredth and third level where you get the fifth and last egg back.


Before retrieving the fifth egg

Wizpig has been defeated. But then, he wakes up immediately and laughs to the birds. He uses his magic spell and suddenly, black smoke appears around him. And then, the whole screen turned white and when the smoke clears, he has upgraded himself into the ultimate version: Demonic Wizpig, having a passive effect that no birds can defeat him. But Prince Porky is here to help. Demonic Wizpig is surprised. Prince Porky laughs to him as now he can defeat Demonic Wizpig.

After retrieving the fifth egg

The birds and Prince Porky has finally defeated Wizpig. While Red is holding the King's crown, Prince Porky is holding the birds' egg. Then, Prince Porky and Red recognized that they had what they need. So Red gives the King's crown to Prince Porky and Prince Porky gives Red the fifth egg. Then all of them laughs and then, the birds and pigs together look at the sunset as now they're in peace. So, Red, Prince Porky and the others come home with their airship. First, they fly to King Pig's Castle, where King Pig is waiting for his crown. The King surprised and Prince Porky gives back the crown to him. So they say thank you to the birds. The birds go down from their airship with the fifth egg, as the birds start to be happy because the battle ends in victory. And when they look at the Chronicle Cave, the final light has turned on and the Chronicle Cave has finally opened as their next adventure in the cave now begins.


Wave 1

Unless stated otherwise, there is only 1 of each type of enemy. Each enemy's stats are shown below per wave.

Lefty Lefty

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 832


Poisonous Breath

Deals 43 damage. Target also takes 123 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.



Passive: Revives 3 turns after being knocked out.

Righty Righty

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 1699


Weakening Strike

Deals 99 damage. Reduces target attack power by 15%. Lasts 3 turns.



Passive: Revives 3 turns after being knocked out.

Defeat Wizpig to automatically defeat this pig.

Wizpig (Transparent) Wizpig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 4995


Black Curse

Deals 45 damage to all enemies. Targets are cursed: If they take damage, their attackers are healed. Lasts 3 turns.


Zombie Master

Target ally immediately attacks.


Drain Life

Increases received healing by 100%.

Wave 2

Unless stated otherwise, there is only 1 of each type of enemy. Each enemy's stats are shown below per wave.

DemonicWizPig Demonic Wizpig

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 6660


Black Magic

Charge: 3 turns. Deals 605 damage to all enemies.


Consume spirits

Consumes all spirit allies. Heals {{{2}}} health per consumed spirit. Currently reviving spirits only grant {{{3}}} health.



"No Bird Can Defeat Me!" No, seriously: you can't knock this guy out with any bird!

Player's Pigs

Wave 2: Prince Porky Hero Stats

At wave 2, Prince Porky will fight together with the birds to defeat Demonic Wizpig. Prince Porky will be at the same level as Wizpig's level (first encounter) or your level.(from second encounter)

Prince Porky Prince Porky

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 660


Righteous Backstab - Deals 3 x 82 damage.

Tit for Tat - All allies increase their attack power by 30% but also suffer 15% more damage. Lasts 3 turns.

Holy Hand Grenade - Rage Ability. Deals 106 damage to all enemies. All Undead enemies who are knocked out by the blast (or currently reviving) are removed from the battle.



Warning: This level requires a very high level, high-damage weapons and need you to follow the steps very carefully because if you did a mistake, even if it is a tiny mistake, you'll lose the entire battle!

Make sure you choose the following birds: Red as Samurai, Matilda as Druid, and The Blues as Tricksters. This is one of the best combo of birds.

Wave 1 - For the first turn, your birds need to attack Wizpig, so if he dies, the zombies will automatically pass out. If the birds are cursed, the Blues can use the Cheer power to remove all the harmful effects. If one of the birds have low health, Matilda can heal the target or herself (if she has low health) and give the other birds some health. Red can put shields around all birds when one of the birds has low health. Use the Rage Chili on Matilda if the birds have low health or on Red if otherwise. But when Wizpig is about to die, don't use the Rage Chili on anyone.

Wave 2 - Use the birds and Prince Porky to attack Wizpig. The Rage Chili may be full right now, so use it on The Blues to stun him so you'll have more time to prepare for the strong attack, but if the Rage Chili is not full in the first turn, don't use on anyone when it's full until 4 Spirits appear. Remember to weaken the occasional spirits which appears once every 2 turns so that every 4 turns (the 4th turn is after he attacks all of you with a strong damage, when Demonic Wizpig uses his secondary skill to heal himself provided that he was not stunned), before Wizpig kills all those spirits to heal himself, use the Rage Chill on Prince Porky to wipe out those undeads so that Wizpig will not receive any healing. Repeat this until Demonic Wizpig has been knocked out (Use Prince Porky to do the final hit on him). When Wizpig is about to attack with his strong damage in the third turn, protect your birds with Red by using his shield on Prince Porky.


Angry Birds Epic Wizpig's Castle Walkthrough05:57

Angry Birds Epic Wizpig's Castle Walkthrough

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