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Year of the Dragon
Year of the
General Info
Release Date: January 19, 2012 (January 20, 2012 for the PC)
Levels: 15
Episode No.: 10
Previous Episode: Wreck the Halls
Next Episode: Cherry Blossom
Game(s): Angry Birds Seasons

Year of the Dragon is the tenth episode of Angry Birds Seasons, celebrating Chinese New Year, announced in Rovio's YouTube video "Happy New Year from the Angry Birds", seen below. Rovio's teaser trailer states that the update landed on January 20th, but it landed on the 19th in most areas of the world. In the trailer, the birds are puppets being operated by the pigs below.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

To celebrate Chinese New Year, King Pig commissioned a new puppet theatre. The first play portrayed Smooth Cheeks as the hero and the Flock as a bunch of yellow-bellied cowards. Red wasn't having that and sent in something that looked like a dragon. At first the idiotic King thought my scaly buddy was nothing more than a special effect. Ha! He was soon squealing in fear . . .


  • This episode commemorates the fifth Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon and is the second Chinese-specific episode, the first being Moon Festival.
  • The Orange Bird appears for the third consecutive episode of Seasons and its fourth appearance overall (the Orange Bird also appears in Birdday Party in the original Angry Birds game). It also debuts the Orange Bird's first appearance in a Chinese holiday-based episode in Seasons.
  • In the episode, the Mighty Eagle is replaced by the Mighty Dragon, and the sardine prism is replaced by a Red Koi Fish.
  • This is the the first world where Gold Blocks appear.
  • A Year of the Dragon Comic strip was released with a story based on the animation of the same name.
  • Funny Fact: In the Year of the Dragon comic, it turns out that Mighty Dragon, mistakened for Mighty Eagle, seems to be a "picky eater". As you recall in page 2, when he ate the sardines that the Yellow Bird offered, he said, "What is this canned junk? Bring me fresh food!" He also didn't like the fruits and vegetables the Yellow Bird offered in page 3 and angrily said, "You call this fresh food?!" When the Red Bird, Yellow Bird, and Blue Birds went to Mighty Eagles lair to ask the Mighty Eagle for help in page 10, they were shocked that "Mighty" is actually Mighty Dragon all this time and at the same time, he said, "Nihao, Mighty's little friends!". In page 11 when Mighty Dragon noticed the Koi Fish on the Red Bird's fishing rod, he said, "I can't stand Mighty's canned junk! Speaking of which, any chance you want to share that one?" Then, in page 12, the Yellow Bird said in relief, "So that's what he meant by fresh food!" So they used that Koi Fish to foil the Pigs' plan in pages 12 through 14.
  • Red wood is used in the Year of the Dragon.
  • An animated short for this episode debuted on January 21, 2012. It was the second to premiere first on television (on Nickelodeon) rather than online. The Blues are also the only birds to appear in the animation.
  • It is the fourth episode to have a comic book, with the first being Moon Festival, the second being Halloween, the third being the Christmas Special, the fifth being Angry Birds Space, and the sixth and latest one being the two paged Bad Piggies comic.
  • On January 15, 2012, it was announced that Year of the Dragon was pushed on this date from January 20th to January 19th.
  • It is the first episode to have a level selection page without Red Bird on the bottom left in the entire Seasons game, with the second being Back to School.
  • Year of the Dragon is the third Angry Birds Seasons episode to have two different versions of the theme song, with the first two being the Moon Festival and Hogs and Kisses and the fourth being Piglantis.
  • If you buy the Anger Management DLC Pack for Angry Birds Trilogy for the PS3 and Xbox 360, you can play Year of the Dragon & use Mighty Dragon in Trilogy.
  • Once you use the Mighty Dragon on a level you didn't beat yet, you cannot use him for an hour unless you clear the level that you used Mighty Dragon on.
  • "Year Of The Dragon" is a name for a Spyro game.

Year of the Dragon Short Movie

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