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You Asked for It is the thirteenth and the final episode of Angry Birds Stella and the twenty-sixth overall. It premiered on March 11, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

Gale shows how cool she is by demonstrating her most prized possession. Did I say cool? I meant stark raving mad, drunk with power, and acting with total disregard for the well-being of others. Yeah, that's more like it. This cannot continue.


Stella and Gale enter the castle then Gale later decides to show the other birds the Golden Egg. Gale then calls to lower the Golden Egg to demonstrate the power of the Golden Egg on a pig who carries a tray of food. Gale shows how the Golden Egg can turn anything into gold. The tray became heavy causing the pig to drop the Golden Food also causing Gale's rage to turn the pig into gold. Stella was enraged by this because the pigs do not deserve what fate Gale gives them. Willow uncovers the blanket on the table revealing a group of pigs that were also turned to gold. Stella and the others plot to steal the Golden Egg while Gale is asleep. Willow takes off her hat and stretches it into a trampoline. Poppy jumps on it then Stella joins then Poppy gets off to launch Stella into Gale's room through the window. Her head bumps onto a chest waking up Gale who spots her and pretends to sleep. The other birds see gold shining in Gale's bedroom so they think Stella got turned into gold. Stella is next shown fighting Gale and trying not to get turned into gold. Stella jumps out the window and goes up the building, and Gale follows her. Gale is now cornering Stella on the edge of a platform. The platform starts to collapse, and Stella climbs up the building, and Gale follows her. Stella is once again cornered by Gale on an edge. A small crack appears in the floor and Stella jumps on it, launching the golden egg away. Gale jumps in the air to try and grab it, but Stella beats her to it. Gale then takes a dive for the egg and Stella turns her into gold and falls to the ground below the castle. Stella came down the castle running after Gale but stops and turns all of the pigs back to normal before she continues to run after Gale. Stella pushes the gold statue out of the ground and is about to put Gale back to normal, but Poppy stops her. Stella turns her back to normal anyhow. Gale is traumatized that she got turned into gold. Stella and Gale finally reconciled their friendship once again. Gale then sees the golden egg, remembers what happened, screams in fear, runs away to her castle followed by Handsome Pig and her Minion Pigs. Morning later rose then Stella changes the last stone flower back to normal. Her friends were proud of her for doing the right thing then she places the Golden Egg on a bucket on the slingshot. Stella and Luca watched as Poppy, Dahlia and Willow slingshot the Golden Egg far away they watch and laugh then the screen moves to Artist Pig, who is seen to have befriend a flock of critters and later chased by the Mother and baby cave beasts who is seen to also have likes on Artist Pig and then the credits play, ending the season.

Characters (In order of appearance)


  • This episode is a Season Finale.
  • This is the fourth time Willow took off her hat. First was The Prankster, second was The Portrait and third was in Premonition.
  • The scene with Artist Pig being carried by critters is a reference to the episode Premonition.
  • This is the second time Gale "dies" and later revived from being turned to gold, after To The Bitter End.


  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.
  • Artist Pig did not appear in the credits even though he appears near the very end of the episode.
  • After Stella used the slingshot to launch the Golden Egg very far away, It disappears.


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